My Generation

Linda has been on GBI for many years since 1993. She raised her children as a single parent on the island. She left for 9 years to study Homeopathy and put her son through college.
Linda has been a gymnast in the past, representing New Zealand in her youth and went on to become an aerobics instructor for 10 years.
Her music tastes originate from her mother who was a member of the Light Opera as well as music used for her aerobics classes. She also loves to dance and roller-skate.
Linda enjoys a wide range of music nowadays.
“My Generation” is a culmination of her favourite types of music.
Linda also enthusiastically helps with the day to day running of the radio station. Together with Lynda and the Trustees, they have made some huge changes to Aotea FM.
Linda would love to see Aotea FM on air much later as she listens all the time. With changes to our power systems, this should be achievable.