John Tate DJ Aotea FM


Breakfast show with John

John Tate has lived on Aotea Great Barrier since 1977 when there was a population of 250 residents. He was frequently seen riding his horse around, long haired, bareback and barefooted – genuine Hippy !!
He’s as regular as clockwork for his Tuesday morning show, which he’s been doing for about 5 years now. He’s not that computer savvy (like many of our DJ’s) – internet has not been a priority on the island and most are unwilling to learn…
His music tastes come from his love of new music, which he hears from his kids or the local cafés where he’ll ask, ‘what song’s this?’ and turn up at the station with a pile of little scraps of papers all with a song he likes…or he’ll scroll the sidebar on YouTube and have multiple tabs open.
He’ll never play something he doesn’t like.