Can’t Live Without Music

Joanna has lived on island for 7½ years with her partner, Ro. They originated from the Adirondack Mountains near the Canadian border and then Tucson, Arizona. Along the way Joanna had a go at various jobs including post office worker, drug abuse counsellor, senior centre director and maths and primary teacher and she still works editing books and thesis. She and Ro travelled a lot, also cycled across the States and Europe and had fun doing loads of tramping and canoeing. Life was very full. Then they eventually jumped on a 15-day containership voyage to NZ and lived in Golden Bay for 16 years.
Joanna made it to the legendary music festival Woodstock at 8 months pregnant.
Classical music is her passion as well as all sorts of other music, and music she loves is very important to her, as well as swimming every day!
Joanna’s show is chosen with much love and care. Many of the songs she selects have a special connection. She’s found that as a presenter, music for the show just comes her way…. It might be a celebration, a muso touring NZ, a celestial event, new music or someone’s favourite. Let her know what you’d love to hear!