Underground House Music Mix Show

I am Craig and I am a Qualified Electronics Technician.
I have been employed on Great Barrier Island full time for just over a year but have been working here indirectly for about 8 years.
I love all types of music, however my favourite genre is Electronica.
I started DJing as a hobby in the early 1990’s.
In the mid 2000’s upon volunteering my DJ services at a Local Auckland, Devonport Bar, I managed to score my first fortnightly paid gig for about two years.
My Previous job allowed me to DJ at Venus all around the World; at Social and Sports events, in NZ, Australia, Asia, Canada, United States and the Pacific Islands.
Over the years I have acquired the full spectrum of Industry Standard DJ equipment from both Pioneer and Technics. A Laptop, DJ Software and Controller are now my primary tools.
Experience has taught me that music can either make or break a social event, be it a wedding, someone’s party, a backyard BBQ or full on Dance Party. Music has this amazing ability to evoke people’s emotions, moods and memories. Music is Life…